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Five Star Performance & Fitness, LLC. provides athletes with Elite Performance Training that enhances natural body movement to boost athletic performance. We embrace the idea that "the weight room should directly enhance on-field performance."

We continue to research, implement, and improve our services to ensure that our clients truly receive a Five Star experience.

If you aren't an athlete, that's okay too. Whether you are a weekend warrior or looking for general fitness, Five Star Performance & Fitness will strive to improve your quality of life and meet your fitness goals.

We want to make it clear that no matter who you are, you are welcome at Five Star Performance & Fitness.

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Five Star Performance & Fitness Services


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Five Star Performance & Fitness is going above and beyond to provide High School, College, and Pro Athletes the opportunity to verify their testing and get accurate results. 

We have partnered with VALD Performance to ensure our clients are provided with top of the line equipment they can trust.

In addition to our Five Star Combines, we also offer individual, group, and team testing.

Contact for private testing or register today for the Five Star Combine.


Want to train like a pro-athlete?

At Five Star Performance & Fitness we can provide you with the same methods the pros use to keep their bodies at peak performance. From the weight room to your sport, learn how to train smarter and recover harder.

Get in contact today to see how we can make you a Five Star Athlete.


Get all the benefit of customized training but on a pre-planned training program.

These programs utilize the same Five Star Methods to ensure optimized results.

Each program comes complete with hyperlinks to "how to" videos from our own coaching staff.

Our shop is being updated with programs regularly.

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